Public Health Reporting in India

taught by Thomson Reuters Foundation and UNICEF

Course description

This e-Learning programme has been designed to help journalists in India report effectively on public health. As a journalist you play a vital role in society. You alert and inform the public. Your knowledge, analysis and insight help set the policy agenda and frame debate.

Public health has a direct impact on social and economic development. Like education, it is an investment in the future. It not only saves lives, it saves money in the long run.

UNICEF envisioned this capacity development programme for media and media students in 2015, by mobilizing well-established academic partners such as the University of Oxford, UK, the Thomson Reuters Foundation, UK, to bring the acclaimed Critical Appraisal Skills (CAS) course to India and adapt it for media. 

This course, which offers a unique opportunity for professional skill development, was piloted by partnering with the prestigious Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. Senior editors and journalists from key media groups, were actively involved in the development of the course modules and in providing inputs on the most efficient way of delivering the modules.

Thomson Reuters Foundation and  UNICEF
Thomson Reuters Foundation and UNICEF

This programme is a joint initiative of UNICEF India and Thomson Reuters Foundation.